Bottom-up development and research underpinning the design of a digitiser featuring state-of-the-art performance

Towards a true 8‐digit digitiser


at least 2 novel metrology grade ADC architectures for the DC to 100 kHz frequency band and develop comprehensive digital models covering integrating ADC (IADC), Sigma-Delta (ΔΣ) and at least 1 mixed design. The models will include first and second order error mechanisms. This includes identifying key performance targets such as measurement error below 1 part per million, comparing the performance of the ADC architectures, and mitigating and/or compensating for their non-ideal behaviour by means of simulations.
at least 2 designs for novel amplifiers (composite operational amplifiers (COPAs)) for integrator and front-end digitiser circuitry with zero drift, extremely high gain, low noise and error below 1 ppm, and to develop the metrological tools to evaluate the amplifier’s performance. Additionally, to identify metrological methods for characterisation of resistors and capacitors for the amplifier’s stability, tracking and nonlinear behaviour down to and below -120 dB total harmonic distortion (THD) and electronic switches for their injection currents and transients’ stability.
and develop an ultra-quiet and stable low noise power supply, supplied from the mains supply but with negligible line interference noise, and applicable for all voltage and current spans needed by the metrology grade ADC architectures identified in objective 1.
a precision (< 50 ps jitter) timing solution for the ADC architectures identified in objective 1, with a galvanically isolated external trigger, lock-in and internal clock frequency output, and to develop the metrological tools such as jitter and synchronisation measurement to evaluate ADC architectures’ timing performance.
the take up and long-term operation of the capabilities, technology and measurement infrastructure developed in the project by the measurement supply chain (NMIs/DIs, calibration and testing laboratories), and end users (e.g. electrical power generators, manufacturers of medical imaging devices, ADC and DMM industry). The approach will be discussed within the consortium and with other EURAMET NMIs/DIs, EURAMET TCs or EMNs, to ensure that a coordinated and optimised approach to the development of traceability in this field is developed for Europe as a whole.


The group had the opportunity to meet face-to-face on the occasion of kickoff meting at the NMI facility in Dublin

Kick-off Meeting, Dublin – 13-14 Jun 2023